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HI Im Creative Kaeley , age 6 In this video i will show how to make vegitable and fruit juices to make for kids
These are very yummy and delicious juices that kids love .

I love to help my mom make all kind of juices including juices fro the book -The earth diet book. Most of the juices we make are sweet and healthyand perfect for kids and juicing for kids. Getting healthy healthy juicing Omega juicer tutorial for kids kids love green juice staying fit and healthy healthy juice

I hope you enjoyed my juicing for kids video

I am using an omega brand juicer to make many healthy & green juices for the family.

Thankyou for watching my healthy family for healthy habits video
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Hi I’m Kaeley, 6, I will be showing kids how to make 5 breakfast juices they are so yummy- healthy , easy and fun to make juices , delicious and cleansing juices, replenishing and healing juices for kids and the whole family .

Lets get healthy by juicing everyday with the Omega juicer. This is a simple tutorial for kids who love to help in the kitchen. Most of the juices are green,delicious and loaded with nutrients. They help you stay inflammation free, nourished & healthy. By drinking these healthy juices the family stays happy and in good health. These juices also helps cleanse the body from daily environmental & chemical attacks .

I hope you enjoyed my healthy family ,healthy habits juicing video
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