Best Low Cost Juicer for People on a Budget

John from compares two low cost wide mouth centrifugal ejection juicers so you can discover which one may be the best for your needs if your on a budget.

In this episode, John will first explain the differences between the Kuissential Wide Mouth Juicer and the Similiar L’equip 215XL juicer. You will discover the main benefit of a high speed juicer and why many people purchase them. You will also discover why John never uses a high speed juicer and instead prefers to use a slow juicer instead of a high speed juicer as shown in this episode.

Next, John will juice an equal amount of carrots and an asian pear in each of the juicers to show you which juicer will yield more juice as well as which juicer generated more pulp and foam.

After watching this episode, you will discover the best low cost juicer for people on a budget.

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Top 6 Benefits of Buying a Juicer and Why Buy From

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